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In the first week of this tattoo course students will learn all about setting up a Tattooist’s workstation and hygiene procedures. There will also be a particular emphasis on tattoo drawing skills and drawing practice

This is followed by a hands on practical orientated second week where students will advance to actually tattooing either themselves or each other, or even an adult “model” if they have someone suitable to bring along.

Talks are given on how to go about setting up a professional tattoo studio, finding the best location for a tattoo studio and all legal matters relating to running a tattoo business,

Expert advice is given on successfully running and maintaining a tattoo business, as well as how to work at tattoo expos and details are provided about all the best suppliers of tattoo equipment.

tattoo academy manchester

The Things you need to know
  1. The cost of the course is £1,800.00
  2. The course is run over a two week period and runs Tues- Fri
  3. The course shall be run between all of our Manchester studios


Please call 07966709091 for more details

Any students that excel on the Course may be offered a possibility of being Employed by Tattitude